Regional Directors

Regional Directors are the links between the National Board of Directors and the Clubs. The 18 Regional Directors keep in contact with the Clubs in their districts; provide support to new Club Presidents; assist in the establishment of new Clubs; encourage and assist Clubs to initiate resolutions and to act on established policies.

RD BC Vancouver Island

Sheila Service

RD BC West

Beryl Matthewson

RD BC Interior

Alison Hutchison

RD Alberta

Amy Macleod

RD Saskatchewan

 May Rowan

RD Manitoba

Patricia Elliot

RD Ontario North

Roline Maconachie

RD Ontario West

Susan Vecchiarelli

RD Ontario South

Mary Jane Waszynski

RD Ontario Central

Moira Hudgin

RD Ontario East

Mary Partington

RD Ontario Huron

Lori Ker

RD Quebec English

Jane Cowell-Poitras

RD Quebec French

Anne-Lise Dupuis

RD New Brunswick

Sharon Crabb

RD Nova Scotia

Eleanor Palmer

RD Prince Edward Island

Valerie Campbell

RD Newfoundland & Labrador

Grace Stapleton