Funding for Libraries and Creative Arts


CFUW Creative Arts Award funded by the CFUW Charitable Trust

The CFUW Creative Arts Award was created to promote interest and involvement in the creative arts by engaging audiences and inspiring discussion. The amount of the award is normally $4,000 and is set by the CFUW Charitable Trust budget. It is awarded biennially.
Each submission must be nominated by a CFUW Club local to the applicant.

The winner of the 2021 CFUW Creative Arts Award is the East Coast Inspire Video Project.

CFUW Moncton was the nominating CFUW Club.

This year, Festival Inspire is taking the show on the road and travelling around the province to spread art, culture, and a celebration of civic spaces in NB communities.

Along the theme of arts through the province, the East Coast Inspire Video Project is designed to honour performing arts in the province, pair artists with awe-inspiring natural landscapes, feature local talent, and incubate community collaborations through the creation of a series of music videos.

Artists will be chosen by the Inspire selection committee for their enthusiasm towards the mission of the project:  to celebrate the arts, community, and our natural landscape.

This project comes at a time when artists need all the support they can get to get back to work doing what they do best. Inspire is looking forward to working with artists to promote them, and gift them videos to help them build their portfolios and promote themselves for years to come.

The project has designed the showcase to feature female musicians from New Brunswick in the first video. This video project not only helps the musicians, but also shines a light on our community, and certainly adds a positive highlight to NB tourism.   A win-win-win!

From L to R: Karen Dunnett, President, CFUW Moncton; Lisa Griffin, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Festival Inspire; Maureen Mills, Secretary, CFUW Milton

The next award will be presented in 2023.

Past Winners of the CFUW Creative Arts Award


CFUW Abbotsford and the Reach Gallery Museum
CFUW 100th Anniversary St. John’s and the Persistence Theatre


Shallaway Youth Choir and the School of Music at Memorial University

The two organizations collaborated on a project called “Promoting inclusion and wellbeing through singing” for two newly formed community choirs – the Better Breathing Choir and Lauda.

The Better Breathing Choir offers a unique singing experience for adults with breathing difficulties to use singing to improve their health.

Lauda is a part of the award-winning Shallaway Youth Choir. For children who are neuro-atypical, there are often few opportunities to participate in choirs because of the social, behavioural or cognitive challenges they face rather than lack of musical ability. Lauda provides the supports to enable participation.

Both choirs are supported by music therapists, health professionals, music and medical students.
CFUW St. John’s nominated this project collaboration.

To read a short history of the CFUW Library and Creative Arts Awards, click here.

CFUW Library Award funded by the CFUW Charitable Trust

The CFUW Library Award was created to promote literacy and learning by supporting innovative approaches, encouraging community involvement and advocating for the Canadian library system. The amount of the award is normally $4,000 and is set by the CFUW Charitable Trust budget.
CFUW offers a Library Award every two years which is available to:

  • academic institutions,
  • community centres,
  • cultural centres,
  • youth organizations or any community based organization/team/group

Each submission must be nominated by a CFUW Club local to the applicant.

Applications will be accepted for the 2022 Award until April 1, 2022.

Click here for the guidelines and application form

The winner of the 2020 Award is:

Past Winners of the CFUW Library Award


CFUW Saanich Peninsula and Saanich School District 63 Individual Learning Centre (ILC)

The award funding is for the ILC’s project entitled: Hummingbird Project – Building Understanding & Reconciliation. CFUW Saanich Peninsula was the nominating CFUW Club.

Saanich School District (SD63) is located on the Saanich Peninsula and includes four local Indigenous villages: Tsawout, Tsartlip, Tseycum, and Pauquachin. The school, SD63 Individual Learning Centre, is the alternate public high school in the district. It provides a standard BC Ministry of Education 9-12 curriculum through a different approach than a traditional classroom. ILC is a school of choice.

The project will create an inviting space and build a collection for students to explore and share Indigenous stories, history and landscape knowledge. The collection will include books with primarily written text, with graphic text, and with text supported with audio; videos; and digital resources. Items in the collection will provide access for varied reading levels, and will support literacy development.

The intent of the Hummingbird Project is to foster reconciliation by creating a space and offering a collection that invite the Indigenous and non-Indigenous students of our school to learn about each other and the traditional territory they live on; to share their stories; and to strengthen their confidence as learners. For many of our Indigenous students and their families, this project is also about building trust in the school system as a place where they are valued and experience success. When students see themselves and their culture reflected in educational resources, students feel they belong and are motivated to learn.


CFUW North Bay and Callander Public Library in Callander, Ontario.  Their project addresses the need to improve children’s literacy and STEM skills.


CFUW Guelph and Shelldale Better Beginnings, Better Futures in Guelph, Ontario.  Their project involves a multicultural family literacy program, which utilizes books written in multiple languages to help teach English to immigrant families.