Free Workshop Series: Raising Awareness and Empowering Women through Pay Equity

CFUW is offering a series of free pay equity virtual workshops targeted at students and college/university personnel. The series, “Raising Awareness and Empowering Women through Pay Equity” will run from October 2021 – March 2022 and seeks to provide diverse women with the tools to advocate for pay equity and engage in salary negotiation in order to address the gender wage gap.

The three-series workshops include:

  1. Pay Equity ‘hands-on’ Salary Negotiation: This workshop is geared toward graduating college and university students and offers practical tools to help young women identify their transferable skills, bolster their resumes and learn evidence-based negotiation strategies.
  2. ‘Train the Trainers’: Participants are trained as facilitators to effectively deliver the Pay Equity Salary Negotiation Workshop for future utilization.
  3. Pay Equity Advocacy Campaign: This workshop focuses on how to raise public awareness about the pay gaps in Canada, how to mount a campaign, and how participants can become pay equity leaders in their community.

Each workshop is approximately 3-hours in length and will be conducted over Zoom. There is no cost to participate in the workshops, as CFUW has received a grant from Employment and Social Development Canada. All workshop materials are available in English and French.

To register, participants are invited to click here.

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If you have any questions, please direct your inquires to [email protected].