CFUW 2020 Virtual Annual General Meeting

CFUW 2020 Virtual Annual General Meeting


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The Webcast

1. The meeting will take the form of a webcast. (It is the same company, Chorus Call, that hosted our 2018 AGM). This means that people will need to have an internet enabled device (e.g., PC or MAC laptop or desktop, iPad, smart phone), to see the slides and hear what is being said. For those members without access to a computer, telephone access will be provided.

2. Members with limited internet access (e.g. dial-up access) or with no access to a computer can be provided with telephone -only access to hear the proceedings. Registration information for telephone only access will be provided in a future Advisory. Hard copies of AGM materials will be provided on request but only for those who do not have internet access.

3. Those using an internet enabled devise who wish to speak in debate, will be able to use the “Call Me” function to enter their phone number. The operator will call them and place them in the speakers’ queue.

Participation in Debate

4. To speak or engage in debate during this meeting, you will need access to a phone line. There is a 3-5 second lag in computer audio. While on the phone, mute your computer speakers. Make sure you know how to mute your computer before you join the meeting. You will listen and participate in the debate through your telephone. There is no need to mute your telephone. It will be activated and de-activated by the operator when it is your turn to speak in debate. When you are finished speaking, hang up and resume listening through your computer. You may dial in again to participate in debate on another question.

5. In order to move the meeting along efficiently, it will be possible dial in, or use the call me function during the agenda item immediately preceding the issue for which you would like to debate. You will be placed in the speakers’ queue.

6. Privileged motions such as requests for information and points of order may be entered through the meeting chat.

Online Voting

7. The voting system is operated by Data on the Spot which conducted our voting at the 2019 AGM in Winnipeg. Their online voting system is highly secure. All the voting data is encrypted and can only be decrypted by their software

8. The voting platform will be displayed within a tab on the Chorus Call webcast frame. Voting delegates will enter their Elector ID and Password, prior to casting a vote. The direct link for the voting platform will be provided for delegates who are voting on behalf of more than one club or are experiencing technical difficulties.

9. The voting tab will be clearly marked: Canadian Federation of University Women: Online voting.

Voting on Articles and Bylaws and updates

10. Please note that some of the amendments to the Articles and Bylaws will be voted on as a single motion. See Articles and Bylaws motions here.

11. Should any voting member wish to separate out one or more of the proposed amendments for separate discussion and vote, the member will type her request into the meeting chat along with her name and club name. No second is required for this request.

12. We are advising that two (2) committee proposed bylaw amendments will be withdrawn at this time. These two motions are:

Motion: Delete first sentence in Clause #14. “Annual per capita dues shall be set by a special motion passed at an annual general meeting. Written notice outlining any proposed changes to the dues shall be sent to all Clubs at least one hundred and twenty (120) calendar days prior to the annual general meeting.

Motion: Delete Clause #82 3 “The CFUW annual budget shall be confirmed at a CFUW annual general meeting by ordinary motion.”

]This decision is based on the number of business items that will be covered under the Articles & Bylaws Committee report and the overall time needed for AGM business.

13. Secondly, we inadvertently omitted a step in the typical procedure used with member submitted proposed amendments to the amendments. The amendments to the amendments that are approved by our lawyer as being consistent with the Act and Regulations may be considered on the floor at the AGM. The Articles & Bylaws Committee supports the member proposed amendment to Clause 23.1 and does not support the member proposed amendment to Clause 23.2.

Nominations and Elections

14. Nominations for board positions from the floor will be accepted. Supporting documents for nominations (the Nominations package--the Nomination Form completed by the club, and the Application Form completed by the nominee) should be emailed to the Nomination Committee Chairs Grace Stapleton (,  Madeline Kalbach ( the Executive Director, Robin Jackson ( ) by 10 a.m. EDT on Friday, June 19, 2020. The Nomination Form and the Application Form are available here. The job descriptions for the Board positions can be accessed here.

15. At the appropriate time, Nominations from the floor may be entered into the meeting chat function by indicating the name and club of the delegate proposing a candidate along with the name, club and office of the nominee. No second is required to complete the nomination. . It should be noted that there can be no campaigning conducted through the chat function.

16. When there is more than one candidate for a position, candidates will be permitted to speak for two minutes in support of their nomination. If there is more than one candidate for President, each candidate will be permitted to speak for five minutes.

17. Only voting delegates from the region may vote for a Regional Vice President. All voting delegates may vote for the other positions.

18. Nominations from the floor for board positions will be dealt with at the AGM on Friday, June 19, 2020 around 2:30 p.m. EDT. Election voting opens at 2:55 p.m. EDT and closes at 3:05 p.m. EDT.

19. Election voting for board candidates will be done using the same online voting system.

20. Election results will be announced on Saturday, June 20, 2020 at approximately 2:45 p.m. EDT.

Meeting Time Restrictions

21. The timing for the business that needs to be transacted at the AGM is very constricted. Certain motions must be completed during this AGM (consideration of the motions to ratify the bylaw corrections and amend the Articles of Incorporation to permit weighted voting; adoption of the auditors’ report, appointment of the auditor for fiscal 2020-21 and the election), all other agenda items that are not reached by 4:00 pm eastern on June 20, 2020 will fall to the floor and will not be considered, unless provision is made to postpone them to a special meeting.

22. In an effort to ensure that the meeting can proceed in an efficient manner, some of the Amendments to the Articles and Bylaws will be voted as a single motion to adopt them as a whole. On the request of a single voting delegate one or more of the proposed amendments can be separated out for individual consideration when the motion to adopt the amendments is being considered.

23. The chair will take action on dilatory behaviour.

Meeting Agenda

24. Please be advised that the agenda is currently being drafted and will be made available in a forthcoming Advisory.

Previous Advisories

Advisory #1 may be accessed here.

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